Spring has sprung and summer will be here before you know it! It’s now the perfect time to hire a swimming pool contractor to build your dream pool for you before the warmer months arrive, and Pools by Brannon is the contractor for you. Here are Pools by Brannon, we prioritize our customers wants and needs, and we work directly with them to design something they will absolutely love. Choosing us as your swimming pool contractor means you get a personalized consultation. We aren’t a big, commercialized company just trying to up our profit, we’re here to connect with our clients, build a relationship with them, and figure out what is best for them, not for our pockets.


Inground pools – Our pools are made with gunite, which is a cement and sand mixture that many consider to be the best quality material you could possibly use for swimming pools. The benefit to using gunite is that the pools can be completely constructed on site, there’s no need to construct anything offsite and ship it to where it will be installed, and when using gunite, any shape and size pool can be created. There are no limits.

Geometric pools – These kinds of pools are specifically characterized by their shapes. They can be rectangular, square, or even oval. They are made of lots of straight line and sharp edges and have a very sleek and modern look to them. If you want a clean-cut look, this is the type of pool for you.

Freeform pools – Freeform pools are the complete opposite of geometric pools. Where geometric pools are lots of straight lines and simple shapes, freeform pools are very flowy and irregularly shaped. They have lots of waves lines and look more “natural.” That being said, they are often accompanied by waterfalls or rock features to look like they were pulled right out of nature.

Hillside pools – Hillside pools are great for the people who want a swimming pool, but have a sloped backyard. These pools are essentially built into the hillside so that part of the pool is level with the ground, and the rest is a wall that has been built up to be level with the other side. Infinity pools are a very common type of hillside pool. 

Perimeter overflow pools – Perimeter overflow pools are a very modern type of pool that can easily be a major talking point in your backyard. These pools look as if they’re just a flat sheet of water held in place without any walls. This is done by the water overflowing on the sides into a basin that then recycles the water back into the pool. These pools can be deck-level or raised up.

Saltwater pools – Of course when people think of swimming pools, the normal chlorinated pools are often what come to mind, but saltwater pools are becoming more and more popular. The interesting thing about saltwater pools is that they actually use a generator that converts the salt to chlorine, and they’re often cheaper than traditional chlorine pools. They’re also less harsh on your skin and eyes than traditional chlorinated pools. 

Custom pools – Looked through this list and have an idea you didn’t see? Get in contact with us to discuss your vision and we will help you make it come to life.

Pools by Brannon also does repairs and maintenance on a pool you already own! Fill out the form on our contact page and we will get back to you about your project needs so that you can get back to enjoying your pool.


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