Most Texas homeowners would never consider installing a swimming pool during the winter months due to the cold. However because of the mild seasons here in College Station, there is actually no better time to get started on a pool. The average pool takes 6-8 weeks to build, but 80% of homeowners start digging their new pool between the months of May and August.  Many people don’t realize that installing an inground pool can sometimes take a more time than expected.

Here are a few of the reasons why you should start your search for an inground pool contractor sooner than later.

Permits Can be Time Consuming

Installing a pool requires you to obtain the proper building permits. If you live in a community with an HOA, you will also need to get their approval on the project as well. If you wait until Spring, permit offices will be inundated with requests and you might have to wait months for your approvals. By planning a pool installation during the winter months, getting permits and other approvals should be much easier.

Unforeseen Challenges – Save Time by Starting Sooner

Any construction project is going to have a delay or two at some point. Whether it’s a weather delay, finding huge boulders during the dig,  or a material supply issue, no project is without a few hiccups. By getting a jumpstart on your pool installation, you will give yourself a nice cushion of time to make up for possible delays. You might even finish early or at least ahead of other people who waited until the springtime to get started.

Get a Leg Up on the Competition

Most homeowners don’t think about constructing a pool until the weather starts to warm. By this point, there may be a long wait list. Spring and summer are busy months for contractors and it can be more difficult to get on a contractor’s schedule. If you start planning and building your pool in the winter months, you will have more time to find a reputable contractor with more availability. Plus, while your neighbors are all waiting for their pools to be finished, you’ll be enjoying yours as soon as the weather is warm enough.

Get Lush Landscaping Faster

Another perk of constructing a pool in the winter is the advantage of planting after construction is finished but still ahead of the heat. Late winter is the ideal season to organize, plan, and plant many of your favorite landscaping features. This gives the newly planted grass, shrubs and trees time to root in and get established before the dry, hot summer months.

Swim The Entire Summer, Not Just Part of it

Another reason to consider winter pool installation is timing. You want to go swimming as soon as the weather warms up, right? With a spring installation, it could easily roll over into summer and end up taking a lot of the swimming season. You can guarantee that you’ll be poolside sooner than later when you have your pool built in the winter months.

Let’s get started on Your Pool!

No matter what the season, Pools by Brannon can help you plan and construct your dream pool, complete with corresponding outdoor living areas and lush landscaping.

Explore our project gallery for inspiration and contact us today to get started on your beautiful new backyard swimming pool.

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