With all of the hurricanes the nation is getting, you can fully expect lots of rainfall even if the hurricanes never hit the Bryan-College Station area full on. Even just the outskirts of hurricanes can bring massive amounts of rain and the potential for flooding to your home, and lots of rainfall means some trouble for your swimming pool.

Storms often deposit lots of dirt, leaves, and other debris into your pool that are too heavy or too large to be sucked up by your filter. Your filter can also get clogged with the massive amount of debris it has to take in, too, which only makes them problem worse. Not to mention the fact that introducing rainwater and runoff water into your pool can fully throw off the pH and leave you with a gross, green tint, and algae growth. All these issues may seem overwhelming but tackling them one at a time can help you manage the stress better and get your pool back into perfect shape in no time!

First, focus on removing any debris from around the pool and in the pool. This means sweeping up the concrete or deck around the pool to get any trash, leaves, sticks, etc. away from the pool’s edge to minimize the chance of them being blown into the water and making the situation worse. Once the area around the pool is tidy, skin the water to remove any floating debris that you can, as well as any debris that might’ve sunken that you can easily access. This should give you a better visual on the state of things below the water and will eliminate some of the work for the pool filter.

Next, assess any possible damage. If the storm was big enough and violent enough, your pool could’ve potentially been damaged. It’s best to figure out if that is the case so you can immediately contact a professional, like Pools By Brannon, to come out and start repairs. If you can’t see through the water to confidently determine the state of your pool, you should contact a professional for a pool inspection! Pools by Brannon is happy to come out and assess any possible damages for you, and schedule repairs as soon as possible, too!

After that, clean out the filter if need be. The pool’s filtration system will be working in overdrive trying to clean up all of the debris that was deposited by the storms. It can easily be clogged because of this, so it’s important to check and ensure there is nothing blocking it and preventing it from doing its job. Check skimmers and pump baskets both so that the filtration system can function properly, and you might need to periodically check them as the pool filters out the rest of the debris you weren’t able to get earlier.

Then, test your pool water and make necessary adjustments to balance the water. Depending on various factors like the amount of rain, the color and clarity of your pool, and the sediments and debris that were deposited into it, you will have to determine exactly which chemicals are necessary to balance the water’s pH levels. It’s vital to test the water first, though, so you know exactly what the pool needs. If you don’t have that capability or need help, Pools By Brannon can check the pH levels and adjust the chemicals accordingly for you.

You can also shock your pool if you need to. If you’re pool still isn’t quite back to normal after following all of the other steps, you can check the pH levels again and if need be, use a shock treatment to help fully reset the pool and clear up and contaminants that might be hanging around. You’ll need to run the filtration system for a minimum of 12 hours after a shock treatment to get it fully incorporated into the entire pool system, and you shouldn’t swim in the water until the shock treatment’s harsh cleaning chemicals have been fully filtered out. That means testing the pH levels again after the shock treatment to ensure everything is back to normal and safe for swimming!

With the right tips and tricks, you can avoid stress and wasted time after a storm has wreaked havoc on your swimming pool! And if you’re in need of repairs, maintenance, or just a little extra help from the pros, call Pools By Brannon! We can help assess your needs and get things running in no time! You can also fill out the form on our contact page for a FREE consultation on any and all pool services!

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