Pool customization is one of the most exciting parts of owning a swimming pool. There are a ton of options you can choose from to add to your pool to make it unique and fit your needs. Grottos are a wonderful addition to any swimming pool, and there are plenty of reasons why adding one to your pool could be the perfect option.

What is a grotto?

A grotto is a waterfall feature added to part of your pool that also acts as a cave where you can sit or swim in.

What is so great about a grotto?

  • Any waterfall feature you add to your pool helps aid in water circulation. Pool water can become stagnant even with pumps constantly running, and a grotto can help keep the water moving. This is really great for evenly distributing the chemicals you put in your pool to keep it clean. It will also help move any debris into the filtration system you have installed, as well as prevent any blockages or build up since the debris will be constantly circulating through the filter.
  • The sounds of running water are incredibly relaxing and having a grotto will give you full access to them. Grottos create a stress-free environment with their soothing sounds and can actually act as a sound blocker for any pesky noises like busy streets, traffic, or loud neighbors that might be around your home. If you like some occasional quiet time, though, grottos can also be turned off with ease to allow you to enjoy the peace and quiet as well.
  • Let’s face it, Texas summers are hot, and even though you might’ve installed a pool to cool off, the stagnant water might still feel a bit warm some days. Since grottos help the water stay moving and circulating, they provide a lot of help in regulating the water temperature to keep you cool while you swim. This is because the waterfall feature helps add oxygen into the water, which cools it down. And when things begin to cool off in the evening and you still want to stay in the water, you can turn off the waterfall feature on your grotto to let the water stay warm for your evening soak.
  • And of course, grottos are just really beautiful additions! They help your pool feel more natural and elegant, and this helps boost your home’s property value, too. If you think you’ll ever sell your home, having a grotto will only add to your home’s value since it is a custom feature. Potential buyers will be much more willing to pay a higher price when they know they’ll get such a beautiful outdoor feature.

If you’re considering adding a grotto to your pool, or want to add any other features, Pools By Brannon is your go-to swimming pool contractor in Bryan-College Station, TX! We can build you a stunning pool you will love for years to come. Just give us a call or fill out the form on our contact page for a FREE consultation on your next project!

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